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Baby Sleep Support

A sleep program that works with your child's biology, not against it. This is the original, genuinely evidence-based alternative to sleep training. Head to Milk & Moon, Possums & Co.

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Possums Clinic

Clinical services in breastfeeding, sleep and unsettled babies. Online consultations or face to face appointments.

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Health Professionals & Providers

Innovative clinical tools and a wealth of resources for assisting parents with breastfeeding, sleep, unsettled infant behaviour and mental health challenges.

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Breastfeeding, sleep, crying babies, maternal mood: excellence in evidence-based care. Because beginnings matter.

We are an evidence-based revolution in baby and toddler care.

Neuroprotective Developmental Care (or 'the Possums programs') offers a genuine paradigm shift - we flip much of the popular advice parents receive upside down. Our work has been developed and published over the past 15 years from the latest research in lactation science, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, gut science, sleep science, attachment psychology and a new set of powerful psychological strategies known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We've been transforming family's lives in the Possums Clinic or through our education of health professionals since 2011. 

Possums & Co. is a highly ethical, values-based organisation. In an environment increasingly shaped and co-opted by commercial interests, our charity is founded from a passion to help make a better world, by helping you grow joy in your little one's early life. We value integrity and respect, and place the best interests of families over financial profit. Possums & Co. is built upon the conviction that if we hold to our guiding values, our organisation will thrive ... because if we hold to our guiding values, the parent and health professional community will trust us and support us. Welcome to our new evolutionarily aligned vision for the care of parents and babies!


Angela’s experiences with the Possums (or NDC) approach
Dr Krystyna’s experiences with the Possums (or NDC) approach

Latest News

Sleep. By Possums 
Our baby and toddler sleep program works with your child's biology, not against it.

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The Possums Clinic 
The Possums Clinic Brisbane is now offering inclinic consultations and home visits. For online consultations, click here.

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Possums Parent Hub (PIPPS)
Possums Parent Hub (PIPPS) gives you access to the support of other parents in closed groups and a wealth of Possums’ resources.

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