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For many more families though, breastfeeding is full of unexpected surprises. These families find they need some advice and assistance throughout their breastfeeding journey.  Our health professionals at the Possums Clinic are able to offer this support from even before your baby is born, to help with those first feeds, engorgement, issues with supply, mastitis awareness, prevention and treatment, "latch" (we prefer to call it fit and hold), painful feeds, damaged nipples, short feeds, long feeds, fussy feeds, as well as looking at ways to ''feed on the go". We can perform Oromotor assessments and look at ways to find the perfect 'fit' for you and your baby. We would love to offer a second opinion if your baby has been diagnosed with an oral tie, such as tongue tie or lip tie. We can assist you with issues when returning to work and how to manage supply, and feeds when you are away from your baby. We provide guidance on expressing/pumping, storage and feeding your baby this expressed milk. Getting feeds working for you and your baby is so important in preventing cry fuss behaviours - we can help!

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Gestalt breastfeeding is the name of a new way of empowering women fit together with their babies for enjoyable, effective breastfeeding.

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Join our Masterclasses for health professionals on 21-22 September 2018 in Melbourne.

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The opening of The Possums Centre
Parents can now see Dr Pamela Douglas at the Possums Education and Research Centre, Greenslopes Private Hospital.

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We have now launched PIPPS Parents, which gives you access to support of other parents and a wealth of Possums’ resources.

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