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International Day of Families 2020

Dr Pamela Douglas - Medical Director
Possums for Parents with Babies - NDC, breastfeeding, baby sleep and crying problems

On 15 May each year, the United Nation’s International Day of Families aims to highlight the importance of social policies which protect the world’s most vulnerable families who are severely at risk in times of crisis, including the current pandemic. I invite you to read more by clicking here. For instance, The Lancet has published a frightening analysis of the indirect maternal and child deaths projected to result from Covid-19 in low and middle income countries.

At Possums we’ve tried to play our part throughout the COVID-19 threat, acutely aware of the mental health risks that come with having mothers and babies in social isolation, and I’d like to thank our small team who’ve given so generously of their time to help. In the 2020 Baby podcast I and the people I converse with call for health system reform in the post-birth period (which can’t be separated from a greater investment in primary care more generally), and for a more evidence-based, evolutionary aligned approach to supporting those families caring for our nation’s most precious long-term resource: our babies. There’s a new episode out this week, in which I chat with a father of very young children discussing how he personally has managed the changes brought about by the pandemic.

In the meantime, I’d like to celebrate some milestones with you, as we work to grow a movement for change in early life care. I’m so proud to be able to say that we now have 157 registered health professionals participating in our Neuroprotective Developmental Care accreditation pathway, and 35 who have graduated and are providing services around Australia (also one overseas!). Our Parent Hub online community (available through Milk & Moon, our exciting new home for parents) has grown to 278 parents, with a very active closed Facebook page and three peer-led support groups running weekly.  I can’t help but be delighted to see that the publication which proposes NDC as pre-emptive intervention for infants at familial risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder has been out nearly 6 months and has already had 20,000 views internationally, hopefully starting up many conversations.

Thanks again for your support for Possums, it really matters.




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