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Parent Mentor Training (Redlands)

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Deb Spink - PIPPS Co-ordinator

Over the last 6 months, in partnership with the Brisbane South Primary Health Network, Possums Education has delivered Parent Mentor training to 28 parents across two groups in the Redlands region. Despite a 5 day training course, we have been delighted by the enthusiasm and commitment from these parents, who mostly had babies and toddlers with them. They not only kept showing up, but contributed to and added tremendous value to the training program!

Much of the feedback we received from the parents who participated focused on the wonderful content of the training and how relevant it was to them. Many stated they wished they had access to this information before they had their babies!

Another huge benefit for the parents was that they were able to attend the training even though they had their children with them, in the same room, thanks to the support of our babysitters who worked with them to keep the little ones occupied. For many new mums, so many options are not available to them because they are unable to secure appropriate childcare.

Over 90% of the parents who attended the training have stated they will use the knowledge they now have to support other families within their networks. The majority of these parents are actively seeking avenues to use their knowledge to help other families.

It quickly became very clear that conflicting advice and lack of social support remain very common and distressing problems for new families. Many of the parents who attending our training not only shared their own distressing experiences but also those of others they know. Our Parent Mentors have expressed a strong desire to go out in to their communities to support others. Having been given the opportunity to reflect on their own experiences, they realise that if they had been able to access this type of support right from the beginning of their parenting journey, their own experience and the experiences of many they know, could have been so much easier!

Parents desire easy access to consistent evidence-based information and non-judgemental peer support, delivered in a variety of ways, as an essential and standard part of the parenting journey.

Possums Education is actively seeking further opportunities to provide this training in other regions. In the meantime, if you are interested in becoming a Parent Mentor, take the first step and join our PIPPS program! Or email Deb Spink at




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