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The non-profit Possums for Mothers and Babies Ltd (PMB) has already licensed, and will continue to license, groups or organisations the rights to use the Possums Intellectual Property (Neuroprotective Developmental Care NDC or Possums programs and associated materials and logos), including the name The Possums Clinic, under strictly protected conditions and time constraints designed to maintain program and brand fidelity.

A Possums Clinic comprises only NDC Accredited Practitioners (one or more), including in some cases NDC Aligned Learning and Development Practitioners, individually approved by PMB. Each completed the Certification workshops before becoming NDC Accredited or Aligned, and is able to display documentation confirming their NDC status.

We hope that in time there will be many Possums Clinics, embedded in other clinics or standing alone, transforming the care that new families receive.

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