Online (formerly Alice Springs) NDC Masterclasses 3-4 April 2020 | Possums for Mothers and Babies
Online (formerly Alice Springs) NDC Masterclasses 3-4 April 2020

Online (formerly Alice Springs) NDC Masterclasses 3-4 April 2020

Advanced Clinical Tools for Management of Breastfeeding, Cry-fuss, Sleep and Mood Problems: Masterclasses in Neuroprotective Developmental Care

Who can come: Registered health professionals


Due to the current uncertainty surrounding the Covid 19 outbreak, the Alice Springs Masterclasses in Neuroprotective Developmental Care has been changed from F2F to online.

Our Masterclasses using Zoom will offer you the same educational value as F2F Masterclasses

What we can offer:        

  • The same educational value as F2F Masterclasses
  • Limited numbers – participants will be capped at 30.
  • “Live” demonstrations with volunteer patients
  • A separate Zoom meeting room will be set up for our mental health stream as well as for group work
  • Relevant powerpoint presentations
  • Videos of previous guest speakers
  • Group Work - High levels of interactivity

Emailed to participants:

  • NDC Masterclasses program
  • NDC Masterclasses workbook
  • Instructions on how to use Zoom

Posted to participants:

  • Flashcards for the Possums Sleep Program and for a Gestalt Breastfeeding Intervention.
  • A complimentary copy of the Possums Sleep Film DVD
  • A hardcopy of  the Masterclasses Workbook

Timing: We will run the Masterclasses according to Alice Springs time, which is 30 minutes behind Brisbane (AEST) time and 90 minutes behind the rest of Australia (AEDT).

CPD: We are currently liaising with the Colleges regarding securing equivalent CPD points in the online context.


DAY ONE - Masterclass 1

Focussed Clinical Breastfeeding Support

This activity aims to ensure you acquire a set of focussed clinical skills for identifying and effectively assisting with a wide range of breastfeeding problems in time-constrained environments. We analyse the latest research concerning suck, swallow, and breath coordination in breastfeeding, and discover why our current approaches are often not helping. We teach you the innovative gestalt approach to fit and hold ('latch and positioning') problems, which is based upon ultrasound studies of breastfeeding babies' suck and swallow, and explore in detail how this differs to other approaches to fit and hold. We also explore the implications of the gestalt model for a wide range of clinical breastfeeding support scenarios, including nipple and breast pain. The day includes demonstrations with volunteer families and rich opportunities for you to practice. 

Mental Health Stream

Instead of detailed clinical breastfeeding education, perinatal psychologist Narelle Dickenson will take mental health experts on a deep dive into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) strategies, adapted for the context of perinatal and infant mental health, as well as other modalities that she finds useful clinically. A separate training space will be used to enable interactive activities.

DAY TWO - Masterclass 2

Focussed Management of Infant Cry-fuss and Sleep Problems

This activity will teach clinical skills for managing unsettled infant behaviour in time constrained consultations, using our templates for the Possums Sleep intervention and the Possums Five Domain Approach to Cry-fuss problems. The day includes demonstrations with volunteer families and rich opportunities for you to practice.  

AUD$ 500.00

Masterclasses Doctor & Psychologist Registration Online, 03-04 April 2020

AUD$ 500.00

Masterclasses Other Health Professional Registration Online, 03-04 April 2020

AUD$ 450.00

Latest News

Our next Masterclasses will be held online 3-4 April 2020. If you purchase NDC Accreditation, you can then purchase access to Masterclasses Online.  

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The Possums Clinic now operates out of the Possums Education and Research Centre, Greenslopes 31772000. Dr Pamela Douglas sees patients online or at Greenslopes; NDC accredited practitioner Renee Keogh offers consultations in-clinic, online, or in home visits.

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