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A holistic approach to caring for baby and caring for you

A Milk & Moon Membership gives you access to all of the online parent programs and resources developed by Possums since the charity was founded in 2013.

To help you find the information you need, when you need it, we've organised our library of content into the following topics:

Milk: frequent & flexible feeds

We bring you an approach to the enjoyment of breastfeeding your baby – or older child – which is evidence-based and stripped bare of unnecessary medications, surgery, aids and exercises. Once you understand how baby sucks, and how to experiment with the fit between your baby’s unique anatomy and your own unique body using the evidence-based gestalt method, you will be empowered to heal from nipple pain or help baby settle at the breast.

We also include resources on how to use bottle feeds as a rich, sensory experience for your little one as an important tool in keeping your days enjoyable, and nights manageable!

Moon: enjoyable days & manageable nights

We cannot force ourselves or our baby to fall asleep at any given moment and actively trying to sleep may paradoxically make sleep more difficult. However, we can build the kind of life that makes healthy sleep, for parents and babies, much more likely. That’s what the Possums Sleep Program is all about.

This section includes the original Possums Sleep Film, updated Possums Sleep Program videos about baby and toddler sleep, and the Possums Sleep Program workbook restructured into a online platform to work through the concepts as you experiment with them in your daily life.

Mood: looking after you in parenthood

This section is packed with evidence-based information about protecting and managing your mental health based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. And every parent needs inclusive and non-judgmental networks of support: find your village and stay socially connected through our Parent Hub. 

Unsettled babies: when baby cries a lot

Our multi-domain approach to helping babies cry and fuss less is internationally unique, and effective both in the experience of the many health professionals who have upskilled in Neuroprotective Developmental Care, and in research evaluations. This section includes group discussions with mothers around common topics that come up in the discussions of unsettled babies in our work:

  • getting in sync with your baby
  • baby's gut health
  • baby's emotional and sensory-motor needs

Preparing for parenthood: feel informed and empowered

Many parents we work with in practice tell us 'I wish I knew this before' so we've made dedicated antenatal resources to support you to start your parenting journey feeling informed and empowered. This includes:

  • a self-paced, online version of our popular 'When Baby Comes Home' antenatal class
  • Our 'Becoming a family: Your emotional wellbeing' film to prepare you for the journey of parenthood and its potential impacts on your mental health, and relationships.

Possums Parent Hub

The Possums Parent Hub (PIPPS) closed Facebook group offers an online platform for members to share their parenting experiences - both positive and challenging - in a non-judgmental and supportive environment to promote social connection and individual empowerment. Parents receive acceptance and support as they explore what they believe is right for their emotional needs, and importantly, those of their unique little baby.

In a world where parents receive a great deal of conflicting advice, Possums Parent Hub (PIPPS) is guided by certain shared values, including non-judgemental care for one another. We are also fundamentally committed to the evidence-based guidelines of Neuroprotective Developmental Care.

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* The information and recommendations contained within these programs are not a substitute for care by your local health professionals. If you have concern about your own or your child’s health or wellbeing, please consult with your family doctor. You can also consult with health professionals and lactation consultants (IBCLCs) accredited in NDC (or ‘the Possums programs’) at the Possums Clinic or by searching for an NDC practitioner near you

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