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NDC Program for Providers and Educators

Grow your skills in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC or 'The Possums Programs') - join us live online from your home!


We are now offering an educational opportunity for providers and educators who work with parents with babies.

In recent years, we've been approached regularly by people from a range of disciplines around the world who work with parents and babies - doulas, bodywork therapists, breastfeeding counsellors, childcare workers, complementary therapists, IBCLCs who don't have a health professional background, and others - who are keen to learn how to use our work within their own practice. We acknowledge the importance of the work that is done by a wide range of providers and educators whose qualification and scope of practice doesn't fall in the category of registered health professional. (If you are a health professional who is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency, or the equivalent within your own country, we invite you to click here for more information about NDC Accreditation.)

Now, as promised, we are offering an interdisciplinary NDC Program for Providers and Educators, which offers innovative evidence-based strategies to use as you work with new families facing breastfeeding, sleep and unsettled infant behaviour challenges, and as you promote parent well-being in the perinatal period. 

By joining our live online NDC Program for Providers and Educators, you can learn about:

  • Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC or The Possums Programs) 
  • The gestalt biomechanical model of infant suck and swallow during breastfeeding, and how that translates into supporting breastfeeding women
  • The Possums Baby and Toddler Sleep Program
  • The five domain approach to cry-fuss problems, and how to use the NDC visual tool
  • Powerful Acceptance and Commitment Therapy strategies for the support of emotional well-being in the perinatal period.

There are three steps in this education program.

(You will receive access to 12 hours of teaching (Workshop 1 = 6 hours, Workshop 2 = 6 hours) from videos made during the Possums Education National Tour 2016. Please note: there is reference in these introductory workshops to pre workshop and post workshop activities, which are not necessary or relevant any longer. We are also aware that there are pauses in these videos when audience members ask questions that cannot be hard, and when videos watched by the audience cannot be viewed. We apologise in advance for this.)

  • Completion of live online NDC Modules. Live online NDC Modules will be held in 3 hour blocks over 3 weeks, commencing Thursday 25 November 2021

Please ensure you have read our code of ethics prior to registration


We invite you to become part of a groundbreaking, evidence-based movement for change in early life care! 

Workshop 1 - If you are also purchasing Masterclasses, NDC Accreditation or NDC providers / educators

AUD 50.00EUR 34.00USD 40.00GBP 30.00

Workshop 2 - If you are also purchasing Masterclasses, NDC Accreditation or NDC providers / educators

AUD 50.00EUR 34.00USD 40.00GBP 30.00

NDC Program for Providers and Educators Live Online Modules Registration November 2021

AUD 350.00EUR 275.00USD 275.00GBP 200.00

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