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The Possums Bundle


Buy The Possums Bundle for growing joy in early life!

The Possum Sleep Film
Healthy sleep for everyone - working with 
baby's biology, not against it.
Gestalt Breastfeeding
Pain-free, fuss-free breastfeeds - without 
unnecessary surgery or medications.
PIPPS Membership
All you ever wanted to know about caring 
for your baby - from the Possums perspective.

SAVE $24.00
NOW $80.00
Was $104.00
Our charity wants to make our programs as widely available as possible, so we are keeping the cost incredibly low.
The Possums Sleep Film

Other parent-baby sleep programs ask you to delay responses to your baby (even if he or she is grizzling or crying) or to ignore powerful biological cues (such as baby falling asleep with feeds).

Our innovative approach works with your baby’s …

AUD$ 37.00
Gestalt Breastfeeding

Our Gestalt Breastfeeding Self-help Program is a new, evidence-based approach to pain-free, enjoyable breastfeeding. The gestalt model of infant suck and swallow during breastfeeding is developed out of the latest ultrasound studies of breastfeeding biomechanics.

AUD$ 37.00
PIPPS Parents

Join an online community of parents supporting each other and have access to an extensive library of videos and documents not found in any of our other products.

AUD$ 30.00

Latest News

2020 Conference 
The Possums Conference featuring leading international, national and local speakers will be held online in October 2020.


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The Possums Clinic Online
The Possums Clinic has gone online and is now offering online consultations.

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PIPPS Parents gives you access to the support of other parents in closed groups and a wealth of Possums’ resources.

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