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Growing joy in early life!
Growing joy in early life!

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Some parents are telling us they become confused when they go looking for support from The Possums Clinic or the Possums programs in Brisbane! 

There is only one Possums Clinic in Brisbane, located at Greenslopes, operating out of our Education and Research Centre

We have noticed providers being promoted as 'Possums practitioners' in Brisbane, but unfortunately, use of that term is misleading; it doesn't specify level of training and we are unable to consent to its use. If you come across promotion using the term 'Possums practitioner', we recommend that you clarify whether that provider is Possums Certified, or NDC Accredited. NDC Accredited practitioners are able to show you their logo (see bottom right hand corner!).

Possums Certified practitioners have completed introductory level training, and we are delighted that more than 1000 health professionals have now done so. But we can only attest to the quality of the programs delivered by NDC Accredited PractitionersNDC Accreditation demonstrates that your health professional has been willing to invest in very substantial specialised upskilling, including Masterclasses, clinical observation, and case discussions, accredited by the various health professional Colleges, and has studied for and passed an examination. NDC Accreditation also ensures your health professional has access to our Resource Hub, which includes a wealth of parent handout resources and videos for use in consultations with you. (Please note: there is an NDC disclaimer at the bottom of each legitimate Possums handout.) NDC Accredited Practitioners are part of our lively and collaborative professional networks, receiving ongoing education in the ever-evolving research literature, as programs are updated or new programs developed. 

We require all providers who wish to promote use of the Possums programs to state clearly whether they are Possums Certified or NDC Accredited, and to accompany any mention of Possums with a link through to our charity's website. If there aren't prominent links through to, please think carefully about why a business might aim to benefit financially from the reputation of Possums or Dr Pamela Douglas's name, yet at the same time refuse to publically link through to our free resources, online parent programs, and the evidence-base (all built up over so many years of mostly unpaid work and research)! If you come across promotions for services which actually copy text from our website, or refer to key characteristics of our distinct programs (such as our sleep program or our five domains or When Baby Comes Home), unaccompanied by public acknowledgements of NDC Accreditation and links to our website, we remind you how difficult this can be to control. Unfortunately, the processes required to forcibly address inappropriate use of qualifications, titles, and programs often cost far more than a small, courageous charity, which is simply trying to make a difference in the world, can afford! Those who give their lives to unfunded, values-based innovation are very vulnerable in a world dominated by business interests, and we ask for your support. 

Here is some background information that may be helpful.

The Possums Clinic and Possums Education are registered trading names of the trademarked charity Possums for Mothers and Babies Ltd, and Possums has at no time re-branded.

The Possums Clinic began offering clinical services in 2011 - 2012, managed by UQ HealthCare, Annerley, Brisbane. Our charity then opened clinic doors independently at Highgate Hill, Brisbane, from April 2015 until October 2017. In October 2017, the clinical services arm of our charity sold the Highgate Hill clinic infrastructure and entered a management partnership with Sante Medical Services, which operates three Grow Medical clinics and three Allergy clinics. Dr Pamela Douglas resigned as Medical Director in March 2018, and the partnership ended in April 2018 when Grow Medical terminated her contract. The Possums Clinic relocated and now operates out of the Possums Education and Research Centre, Greenslopes, Brisbane, collaborating with NDC Accredited practitioner Renee Keogh to provide online and F2F consultations, Shared Medical Appointments, and When Baby Comes Home classes in a successful new management partnership with Paeds in a Pod, who support the Possums Clinic's commitment to education and research.

Possums for Mothers and Babies Ltd has licensed and will continue to license, groups or organisations the rights to use the Possums Intellectual Property (Neuroprotective Developmental Care NDC or Possums programs), including the name The Possums Clinic, under strictly protected conditions. These conditions include appropriate use of our logos in association with any use of the name, including links to our website, education resources, and our evidence-base, and also include conditional time constraints designed to maintain program and brand fidelity, so that the Possums name is only ever associated with the highest calibre care for new families. A Possums Clinic comprises only NDC Accredited Practitioners (one or more), individually approved by Possums for Mothers and Babies. If those conditions are not met, the licence is withdrawn.

Currently there is only one Possums Clinic, operating out of our Education and Research Centre, Greenslopes, Brisbane, though perhaps one day our NDC Accredited practitioners might set up their own. Excitingly, we now have a growing number of early adopter NDC accredited practitioners offering our unique, high calibre, evidence-based programs. Take a look on our 'Find an NDC Practitioner' page!

Latest News

Join our next Masterclasses for health professionals on 14-15 September 2019 at St Vincents Private Hospital, Toowoomba.  Dr Pam and Renee will present, with videos of talks by Dr Nikki Mills (ENT surgeon, anatomist) on the lingual frenulum and floor of mouth fascia and Dr Sharon Perella (lactation consultant, researcher) on breastmilk production and fat content.  

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The Possums Clinic
The Possums Clinic now operates out of the Possums Education and Research Centre, Greenslopes 31772000. Dr Pamela Douglas sees patients online or at Greenslopes; NDC accredited practitioner Renee Keogh offers consultations in-clinic, online, or in home visits.

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We have now launched PIPPS Parents, which gives parents access to the support of other parents and a wealth of Possums’ resources.

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