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The Possums Clinic
National Centre for Innovation Brisbane
National Centre for Innovation Brisbane

The Brisbane Possums Clinic in Brisbane, which is now both F2F and online, is a national centre for innovation in breastfeeding and infant sleep support. 

Possums The Clinic and Clinic Online provide help with breastfeeding, sleep and unsettled babies. Our GP-lactation consultants, midwives, and multi-disciplinary health professionals offer specialised services for mothers and babies.

With us, you’ll receive effective evidence-based help for problems with:

  • Baby sleep
  • Colic
  • Reflux
  • Gas or wind
  • Allergy and lactose
  • Parent mood
  • Bottle and formula feeding
  • Breastfeeding
  • Nipple paid
  • difficulty latching
  • Fussiness at the breast
  • Low or high supply
  • Tongue and lip-tie concerns
  • Excessively frequent or marathon breastfeed

We also provide shared medical appointments (SMAs) either online or at the clinic each week.

We are located at the Kindred Clinic in East Brisbane for F2F appointments and you can book a consultation with any of our team by calling 07 3188 7915.  Alternatively, if you would like to book an online consultation, you can do so here


The Clinic History

The Possums Clinic first offered clinical services in 2011 - 2012, managed by UQ HealthCare, Annerley, Brisbane. Our charity then opened clinic doors independently at Highgate Hill, Brisbane, from April 2015 until October 2017. In October 2017, the clinical services arm of our charity sold the Highgate Hill clinic infrastructure, and The Possums Clinic entered a management partnership with Sante Medical Services, which operates three Grow Medical clinics and also two Allergy First clinics. The partnership ended in April 2018 when Dr Pamela Douglas resigned as Medical Director and Grow Medical terminated her contract. The NDC Accredited Practitioners who had worked closely with Dr Douglas delivering the Possums programs also departed from Grow Medical. The Possums Clinic relocated, and operates out of the Possums Education and Research Centre, Greenslopes, Brisbane, collaborating with NDC Accredited practitioner Renee Keogh to provide online and F2F consultations, Shared Medical Appointments, and When Baby Comes Home classes in a successful new management partnership with Paeds in a Pod, who support the Possums Clinic's commitment to education and research. Our services are now also available through The Possums Clinic Online.

Possums for Mothers and Babies Ltd has licensed and will continue to license, groups or organisations the rights to use the Possums Intellectual Property (Neuroprotective Developmental Care NDC or Possums programs), including the name The Possums Clinic, under strictly protected conditions. These conditions include appropriate use of our logos in association with any use of the name, including links to our website, education resources, and our evidence-base, and also include conditional time constraints designed to maintain program and brand fidelity, so that the Possums name is only ever associated with the highest calibre care for new families. A Possums Clinic comprises only NDC Accredited Practitioners (one or more), individually approved by Possums for Mothers and Babies. If those conditions are not met, the licence is withdrawn.

Currently there is only one Possums Clinic, though our NDC Accredited practitioners are currently moving to set up their own. Excitingly, we now have a growing number of early adopter NDC accredited practitioners offering our unique, high calibre, evidence-based programs. Take a look on our 'Find an NDC Practitioner' page!

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