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Shared Medical Appointments
Growing joy in early life!
Growing joy in early life!

The Possums Clinic Online offers bulk-billed group sessions for mothers and babies 

Due to social distancing requirements during the COVID-19, The Possums Clinic SMA's (Shared Medical Appointments) are currently unavailable.

The information below is not current during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Phone 3177 2000 to book into an SMA if you've had a consultation with Renee or Dr Pam before! If you haven't, we'd still love you to join us - please email or phone Renee on 0421 498 358 to discuss. 

Growing joy in early life!

Once you have had an initial one-on-one consultation with either Dr Pamela Douglas or Renee Keogh, you are eligible to book into as many of our group sessions, or Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs), as you wish, indefinitely, with no out-of-pocket expenses if you and baby are registered with Medicare. Please phone 3177 2000 to book in! If you would like to participate, but haven't had any need to see us one-on-one, please email or phone Renee on 0421 498 358 to discuss.

Our SMAs are held at the South Brisbane Sailing Club, 68 Hill End Terrace, West End on Thursday mornings. Women (and babies too ....) love these sessions - and we really enjoy delivering them! Before the session begins, you'll be asked to sign a consent for confidentiality (and also for sometimes having a registered health professional who is training in NDC accreditation sit in).

If your baby is not yet Medicare registered, it's $50 up front - but you will be able to claim much of that back.

Mother and babies 0-4 months

Topics may include sleep; how to optimise feeding (whether breastfeeding or formula-feeding or both); baby's sensory needs; managing difficult thoughts and feelings; and preventing or sorting out cry-fuss problems. This group session is every Thursday, 9:00 am - 11:00 am. Booking is essential! Our 48 hour cancellation policy applies. A minimum of three mothers and babies are required for the session to proceed. We will give you 24 hours notice if the session is cancelled. 

Mothers and babies 5-12 months

Topics may include sleep; how to optimise feeds, including transition to solids; baby's sensory needs; managing feelings of anxiety; developmental milestones; and unsettled infant behaviour. This group session is Thursdays 11 am -1 pm. Booking is essential! Our 48 hour cancellation policy applies. A minimum of three mothers and babies are required for the session to proceed. We will give you 24 hours notice if the session is cancelled. 

More about SMAs

Dr Pam and Renee have been training health professionals in, and running Shared Medical Appointments, since 2015.The Possums Clinic collaborates with researchers Professor Garry Egger and Associate Professor John Stevens, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, in delivering, evaluating, and training health professionals to deliver SMAs in the perinatal period. This training is part of the NDC Accreditation Pathway - only NDC Accredited Practitioners are up-to-date and qualified to deliver Possums SMAs. The Possums Clinic operates out of the Possums Education and Research Centre, Greenslopes. For more information, click here.


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