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The Possums Sleep Program

Supporting baby's natural biological rhythms

Our baby and toddler sleep program works with your child's biology, not against it. This is the original, genuinely evidence-based alternative to sleep training, offered to parents since 2011 and shown to work in various university studies.

The program helps you re-set your little one’s sleep patterns so that sleep is easy and the nights manageable, without excessive waking. We share with you our ground-breaking approach to your child’s environmental and sensory needs, based on the latest neuroscience - and so essential for healthy sleep.

We protect your emotional bond with your baby and your baby’s secure attachment. Click here to read an international news report about our gentle but effective approach.

  • What can I expect if I purchase? The program includes a list of bite-sized videos (average length is 5 minutes), taking you step-by-step through the NDC sleep strategies for making the days and nights with your baby as manageable and enjoyable as possible. Additionally, you will also have access to the six longer videos in the 2015 edition. View Content List
  • What if I need more help? If you've purchased the program and still have some questions or would like advice before you decide, our NDC accredited practitioners are available for online consultation - wherever you are in the world.


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This program plus much more is now available inside Milk & Moon, our exciting new home for parents.

Milk & Moon membership includes everything in the Possums Baby and Toddler Sleep Program, the Gestalt Breastfeeding Program, and the Parent Hub, plus many additional resources. We are no longer selling these programs separately, but as an all-in-one plus much more membership through Milk & Moon. You will still be able to access your previously purchased program/s for as long as you wish.

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* The information and recommendations contained within these programs are not a substitute for care by your local health professionals. If you have concern about your own or your child’s health or wellbeing, please consult with your family doctor. You can also consult with health professionals and lactation consultants (IBCLCs) accredited in NDC (or ‘the Possums programs’) at the Possums Clinic or by searching for an NDC practitioner near you

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Our baby and toddler sleep program works with your child's biology, not against it.

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