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Neuroprotective Developmental Care
Neuroprotective Developmental Care

Re-accreditation in Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC or 'The Possums Programs')

Possums & Co. requires NDC practitioners to undertake the re-accreditation programme every two years to maintain their competency and clinical knowledge. 

This re-accreditation process provides a supportive and high-quality evidence-based programme that promotes flexibility to suit your professional and personal circumstances, to ensure your passion and commitment to the NDC programme continues.

Once registering for NDC accreditation you can complete the NDC pathway and will have access to the pathway content for a two-year timeframe (previously three years if you purchased Accreditation prior to January 2022).

Once the two years are completed, to maintain your NDC accreditation you will need to complete the re-accreditation program.

NDC Re-accreditation is a 20-point system over a two-year period and is required to maintain NDC Accredited status.

These 20 points should be comprised of 10 points annually, including at least 5 points for mandatory (core) activities; the remaining points can be made up via mandatory or elective points. 

NDC practitioners must complete the following core activities: 

  • Attend at least 1 clinical demonstration per annum (2 points per clinical demonstration)

  • Attend at least 2 live hour network sessions per annum (1 point per session)

  • Present at least 1 case during a Live Network Hour session per annum (1 point per case presentation)

In addition to the mandatory core activities, NDC practitioners are able to build points to a total of 20 from below:

  • Participation in the Possums Education Advisory Committee (1 point per hour-long meeting)

  • Attendance at Possums & Co. virtual conference (4 points per conference)

  • Co-host a Parent Hub session (1 point per session)

  • Offer an education event in your own locality (1 point per hour of presentation)

  • Other ideas? Contact us to discuss further (

Joining the re-accreditation pathway enables the NDC practitioner to maintain access to:

  • Closed NDC Network Facebook pages for health professional peer support

  • NDC resource hub clinical tools, parent handouts, clinical tools, powerpoint presentations, and research publications

  • Logo use and credentialling document as an NDC Accredited Practitioner

  • Promotion of your name, your website and your location on the page 'Find an NDC Accredited Practitioner' on

  • The option of licensing the right to set up a Possums Clinic.

Inquiries: please email

Doctor Reaccreditation

AUD 350.00EUR 225.00USD 270.00GBP 195.00

Health Professional Reaccreditation

AUD 250.00EUR 162.00USD 193.00GBP 140.00

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