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Learning and Development

Parenting is difficult enough without the additional challenges of a child who doesn't quite fit the box!

Our multi-disciplinary team will help with any concerns you have about your child’s learning, behaviour and development. This includes all school age children up until the end of high school. Our flexible and interdisciplinary practice means we are available to do case conferencing, school visits, and to attend school meetings via Skype if required.

Why are we different?

At Possums we want to help you unravel how and why your child interacts the world as he or she does. Receiving a diagnosis is not enough; helping children achieve their best potential is a long term journey. We use a self-regulation framework to understand the inner logic of your child’s behaviour and actions, and to help each child become calm and alert enough of the time, to learn at their best, and to achieve their goals.  

Our beautifully refurbished clinic has a personal and friendly atmosphere that will help your child feel at home.

We are very proud to have one of the few truly multi-disciplinary developmental teams in private practice in Brisbane. Our team includes a speech therapist, educational and clinical psychologist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist as well as developmental paediatrician. We are also able to offer further therapeutic support with our highly experienced music therapist and a paediatric dietician for those fussy, sensory eaters.

At Possums we understand the challenges for families in accessing timely advice, assessments for developmental and learning difficulties, coordinating multiple health professionals to meet complex needs, in meeting the educational needs of children requiring additional support, and the challenges of parenting children with developmental difficulties. 

Timely advice and assessments:

We have developed a unique model for accessing either allied health or developmental paediatrician  for common presentations (see our services below). Parent Connect is a resource available to help overcome some support and financial barriers to the assessments and therapies needed for some of our children.

Coordinating multiple health professionals to meet complex needs:

We work together to ensure that your child has the best wrap-around approach possible over time. Often families are required to travel to multiple different medical and allied health professionals, who are also working in isolation from each other, making communication and coordination of therapy more difficult. The team at Possums understand how challenging this can be for families and so we have developed a model where children and families can access all their support needs in one central location. We routinely liaise to ensure that there is good communication between team members for each child. We are happy to work with any doctors or allied health professionals you may already be accessing for your child.

Meeting the educational needs of children requiring additional support in school:

Our educational and clinical psychologist is a retired EQ Guidance Officer and is very experienced in working with all educational professionals. Our allied health team are also able to do school visits and offer therapy within the school  setting. Our developmental paediatrician is also available for school meetings and can offer educational advocacy, including recommendations for adjustments for learning disabilities.

The challenges of parenting children with developmental difficulties:

A key prerequisite is ensuring that parents have good information around their child's abilities and difficulties, to help understand why their child might behave in ways that are different or more challenging than their peers. We are able to offer more specific support for parenting through our educational and clinical psychologist, as well as a unique evidence based parenting program developed by Dr Koa Whittingham to help reduce the stress for parents of children with developmental disabilities, delivered by Anya Snyder, our mental health nurse practioner.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder

Learning and behavioural difficulties   

Twice exceptional and gifted students 

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